Sundrop Super Lite Advance 1 Ltr Bottle


Product Weight: 1 Lit

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Sundrop SuperLite Advanced, the premium sunflower oil, advanced in reducing your fat and fast in adding vitamins to your daily eateries. The Sundrop oil is fortified with DMPS (Dimethyl Polysiloxane), which ensures the absorption of oil is lesser while cooking compared to any other oil. It is basically refined oil that proves to be best for health, especially for heart diseases and lowering your fats and cholesterol. The entire refining process makes the oil extra light and very much worth using while preparing various types of oily food. Sundrop SuperLite Advanced carries Vitamin A and D in an enough number of quantities. Thus, the food prepared in Sundrop Superlite Advanced oil, makes your family stay healthier and lives happier. The oil is also good at balancing MUFA & PUFA, since it is rich in natural vitamin E & Omega-6, a vital fatty acid essential for the proper functioning of the body. Use it to believe it!! Available in all different sizes.

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