Sundrop Heart 5 Ltr Jar


Product Weight: 5 Lit

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Sundrop is one of the most reputed brands in the premium segment of refined oils. Sundrop refined oil was launched in 1989 as sunflower oil. Sundrop has grown bigger and had come a long way with first movers advantage in manufacturing Sunflower oil and has become largest refined oil selling brand. Sundrop as a brand, as company says, stands on the following four pillars, which have been built over the years with its very famously positioned punch line, “the healthy oil for healthy people”, a high recall value, consistency in quality and supplies. The four pillars are health, taste, lightness and vitality. Sundrop Gold lite is made out of 100% Sunflower oil and is the market leader in the category of refined oil. Sundrop Heart vegetable oil is a blend of good quality, specially processed rich Rice Bran and Sunflower oil (80%) (20%) . It is rich in ‘Oryzanol’, which is a special nutrient known to reduce bad cholesterol levels. Along with the health benefit, the food cooked in Sundrop Heart vegetable oil is tasty, making it an ideal cooking medium for the entire family.

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