Saffola Gold Refined Oil 1 Ltr Pouch


Product Weight: 1 Lit

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A healthy lifestyle is a key to a healthy body & heart. In the modern-day lifestyle, our eating habits, less physical activity and stress – all these effects of a hectic lifestyle, create free radicals in the body which damage the cells. This causes adverse effects on both our body and heart. Saffola Gold with Natural Antioxidant scavenges the free radicals produced from factors like unhealthy lifestyle, irregular eating. This Saffola cooking oil is enriched with Vitamins A & D and has the fatty acids to help give you the nutrition of MUFA and PUFA. Daily consumption of Saffola Oil as part of a balanced diet with regular physical activity can help maintain a healthy lifestyle. The power of Blended Oils offers Improved Nutritional Profile, no single seed oil has an ideal ration of fatty acids in it, hence blended oils allow the flexibility to have the best of two oils.

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