Jewel Farmer Blueberry Cranberry mix 200gm


Product Weight: 200 Gm

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  • EXCELLENT QUALITY: Finesse quality Blueberries and Cranberries are brought to you by Jewel Farmer which is 100% natural, fresh, and delicious. Being a rich source of energy, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins, these cranberries will keep you charged all day.
  • VERY HEALTHY FOR YOU: These Jewel Farmer American Dried Blueberries and Cranberries are rich in fibre and antioxidants. They ideally boost your immunity and make you more energetic to complete all your daily tasks effortlessly.
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERY AGE-GROUP: Doesn’t matter whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you can enjoy eating dry cranberries, then this ready to eat cranberries are the perfect solution for you. They are perfectly suitable for eating anytime and anywhere as they are convenient to carry in purse or bag.
  • CONSUME WITH MORNING CEREALS: You can add these dried blueberries and cranberries in morning cereals accordingly. They are destined to offer you extra taste and a lot of benefits while you consume the first meal of your day.
  • HOW TO STORE: The offered pack is best before twelve months from packaging. It can be stored in a cool and dry place therefore, for natural taste and optimum freshness keep it refrigerated and airtight; try to not let it freeze and keep it away from direct sunlight.

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