Del Monte Extra Virgin Olive 1ltr Bottle


Product Weight: 1 Lit

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Del Monte has made its own place among the well-known producers, distributors and marketers of the branded foods and beverages. It produces the healthiest food product of all types. Del Monte premium pitted prunes California is a ready-to-eat snack from California. Prunes are the dried plum which is being used both in cooking dish and also as savory dishes. Prunes contain dietary fiber and are the common remedy for constipation. It also has a high anti-oxidant content. As it is naturally fat free, without any added sugar Del Monte premium pitted prunes California is very healthy. It acts as a natural laxative including phenolic compounds and sorbitrol. It is rich in potassium and maintains healthy eyes, hair, skin and nails. Prunes add an added flavor to different types of deserts, ice cream, sundaes, and curries and in all types of recipes. Del Monte premium pitted prunes California is made from the best and finest quality prunes with purely naturally processes. Del Monte premium pitted prunes California is said to be consumed in recommended amount. The main ingredients include within this product are the dried plum, potassium sorbet preservative and is a very healthy snack.

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Del Monte


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