Bharat Gota Chilli 100gm


Product Weight: 100 Gm

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Chillies are the dried ripe fruits of the species of the Solanaceae family. Out of 20 wild species, five are cultivated, with Capsicum annum being the most widely grown. India is the largest producer of chillies in the world.

The fruits vary in shape, colour and pungency. The pericarp is leathery or succulent and turns from green to purple or red, orange or orange-red. Though chilli is a berry, the seeds are not embedded in the pericarp.

Capsaicin in chillies imparts pungency. Extracted capsaicin is used in pain balms, cosmetics and medicines related to heart diseases. Capsanthin is a pigment in chillies, which is used as a natural and safe colouring agent in jams, jellies and squashes. Chilli also contains vitamin A, C and E.

Chillies require care right from the selection of soil for cultivation till packaging of the final product. Grover has the experience to monitor the entire process so that the consumer receives a product of consistently high quality.

Grover chillies are sourced from farms that have a light loamy soil or sandy loam rich in lime and organic matters, which is ideal for chilli cultivation. Soil temperature is constantly monitored to ensure the best crop. Ripe fruits are harvested in three and a half months. Even the picking has to be done carefully to preserve the plant and the fruit.

The best chillies are left to ripen and partially wither on the plant for maximum pungency and superior color retention. However, how long the chillies should be left on the plant is a matter of expert judgement and is decided by seasoned experts.

Chillies are conditioned to 10 percent moisture and carefully compressed using a baling process. The moisture content at the time of storage and the ambient temperature during the period of storage have a major influence on colour.

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